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More on Medical Marijuana

The Nick Diaz saga, which I first wrote about here, continues: He was placed under temporary suspension when a post-fight drug test revealed the presence of marijuana metabolites in his system.


Pick ‘Em Bleg

I went to check Yahoo! ™ to see who won our little competition, but it seems that they have already euthanized the bracket groups. Anyone know who the winner was? (I apologize for not...


On Free Markets

So look, I believe that free markets are absolutely the way to go. Don’t go with the central planners – who wants wage controls dictated from the top down? Things didn’t work out so...


Competition in the healthcare industry

John Hood, writing at The Corner, grumbles about the shuttering of Principal Financial’s health insurance division. This is understandable since Principal Financial provides Mr. Hood with his own insurance. Here’s the New York Times:...


red tories, competitive federalism, etc.

I’d like to follow up a bit on my post from yesterday which was pretty critical of Phillip Blond and his latest piece on liberalism.  First off, let me just say that I do...

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