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Hey Man, I Need a Solid…

Being polite is one thing. Being taken advantage of because of being polite is another.

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Ordinary World 26 Nov 2018

Your Ordinary World for 26 Nov 2018 with links about healthcare, community, AOC, regulating Big Tech, a different take on red state/blue state, China’s revisionist history, and the death of charity walk-a-thons.


America, the Awesome

Burt Likko has one of those sorts of problems that really aren’t such bad problems to have.


Going Down to St. Francisville

Rod Dreher is going home, back to the South, back to St. Francisville – a town he left at sixteen. His musings on that departure and eventual return are worth the read: When you...


LeBron James and the creative class

Does the LeBron-Cleveland saga reflect the anxieties of modern American life?* Bear with me for a moment: A monumentally talented product from the old industrial heartland flees his hometown and a band of hardworking**...


A failure of institutions ctd.

Commenter Sam M. writes, in response to my last post: But isn’t the full implication of this diconcerting to a lot of people? To affect this change, I think it presupposes that you accept that...


Further thoughts on school choice and community

Lots of interesting feedback on my last post.  Kevin Drum and Ryan Avent  both focus on the notion that the sort of choice Bramwell describes is only available to higher-income families, leaving poor Americans...


Community, technology, & work

I think this Amanda Marcotte piece is pretty interesting.  She touches on the idea of work and community and how the modern workplace has, until very recently, served to cut us off entirely from...


individualism, properly understood

I have been rather harsh in my treatment of the “rugged individual” in these pages, and yet have come to an essentially libertarian position on most economic issues.  At the heart of libertarian philosophy...


aesthetics in everything

I stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast this weekend in a charming old mining town on a little mountain in the desert.  It’s now home to dozens of artists and artisans – painters,...


community as a brand

“If you think of your home as property, rather than a place, and your community as a brand, rather than people, then you have decided to take a businessman’s approach. If you become a...


going to war with the army you have

“Rather than deep moral and spiritual renewal leading to civic health, what if it’s our national solipsism and susceptibility to suggestion that pull us together, and pull us through? What if, rather than being...



I want to follow up on this with an examination of Community vs. Rights in light of our transportation policy, but for now, read David Schaengold of Plumb Lines:


Tea Time

What can be said that hasn’t already about the Tea Party Phenomenon?  Perhaps phenomon isn’t the right word.  The Parties have been, it appears, co-opted (or hi-jacked) by the larger conservative movement; perhaps out-Foxed,...


Working with what we’ve got….

I’m sure I’ve run this course long enough.  I’ve been in constant contemplation of the merits of the individual vs. the community.  I’ve written endlessly about the subject and read a good deal on...



“Our people made that choice, the choice to go to Sameness. Before my time, before the previous time, back and back and back. We relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did away with...


Two Individualisms

The discussion surrounding community, individualism, materialism, and the current economic and political crisis is anything but a discussion of perfect definitions or easy answers, and much of it is lodged only in vague theoretical...