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Admission Scandal Snares Celebs Among Others

Getting your kid into college by buying a building is a very old joke when it comes to the wealthy and institutions of higher learning. Tax fraud, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and money laundering are not nearly as funny.

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Ordinary World: Education

Ordinary World: Education from Ordinary Times and Scott J. Davies with links to stories about higher ed, charter schools, community college, elite schools, quality of education and more for you to read, share, & discuss.


Giving It All Away

What happens when the professor just plain gives away all the answers?


What I Wish My Students Knew

There was a really wonderful and moving article in the New York Times the other day about how for poor students, getting to college is only the beginning of the battle. They often fail...


The Kids Aren’t Alright

By James Vonder Haar When I took my first practice LSAT, the day after my father’s funeral, I scored in the 45th percentile. Six months of night classes, daily practice sections, and weekly practice...


“College is not for everybody”

A caller on NPR’s Talk of the Nation offered a very interesting story about whether a college degree is a sound investment.  Note the reflexive defense from Kathleen Shea Smith, a student counselor who...


Debt and Career Choices

The President wants to keep student loans cheap. Because I believe in higher education with all of my heart and soul, it would seem natural for me to support this proposal. As the parent...