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A Very Welcome Victory

Sports are not a salve. That said, an unexpected win still manages to feel awfully damned good.

The Bowl Points System

One of the most thrilling BCS games I can remember was the 2007 Fiesta Bowl when an outmanned and outranked Boise State team upended the mighty Sooners. That’s the kind of thing I would want to see in an expanded playoff system. Not another chance for Georgia to blow a big lead against the Tide.


Gone in 6 seconds.

Wait… What? (*UPDATED*)

Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti is upset with Mike Leach and Washington State.  For trying.  Or something?

2012-13 College Football Bowl Season Preview

Last year, I posted the bowl preview I always write for a friend. Since I wrote it again this year, I figured I’d post the new version. I tried to edit for a more...

Football Talk

Does anyone else think that Oregon’s blur offense is uniquely ill-suited to the long break between college football’s regular season and the major bowl games? If their opponents get a month off to condition...

Football in the Northeast

…which, for football purposes, includes South Florida.  In 2005, the Big East – long a basketball-heavy conference – lost three of its five traditionally strong football programs to the ACC, while one of the remaining...