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Working on Holidays is Rarely a Choice

Defending the right of employees to choose to work holidays like Thanksgiving threatens to ignore the fact that, for many, choice never factors into it.


Triaxial Epistemology

By way of Popehat, Arnold Kling on a root problem with contemporary political discourse, summarized in the Wall Street Journal: Mr. Kling’s three “languages” are ways of talking about politics and government, and they...


Democracy, Coercion, & Liberty

I’m afraid that in our recent discussion of democracy and coercion the conversation tended to hew toward the relative merits of democracy rather than on what I think was my more important point: namely,...


Liberty & Democracy

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that I was being slightly hyperbolic when I suggested that libertarians dislike democracy; let’s also shuffle aside the Michael Lind article I linked to and the various...


The Value of Political Concepts

My former colleague Will Wilkinson writes: It seems to me that most of our high-level political concepts like “freedom” or “equality” are tailored and tweaked to justify the kind of political regime we already...