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Green New Deal vs Nuclear New Deal

Over at The Bellows, Emmet Penney and Adrián Calderón propose a Nuclear New Deal for solving both power grid issues and environmental concerns like climate change.

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Thursday Throughput: Leap Year Edition

In a little over a week, we will have an extra day in February. Why do we do this? Because the time it takes Earth to revolve around the Sun is not exactly 365 days.

Greta Thunberg

On Greta Thunberg and Public Discourse around ASD

There are many assumptions that are being made about how people with Aspergers may feel or think about these issues, as well as how to interact with people on the Autism spectrum.

West Virginia

About that Clean Water and Air in West Virginia

There is much about environmental sciences/climate change debate that I do not know much about. The water and air in West Virginia? That I know about.

Jay Inslee For President

Symposium: Vote for the candidate who believes there’s a real existential crisis that has to be addressed.

In Search of Anthropocene Ethics

The world faces unprecedented ecological challenges, and humanity remains largely lethargic to respond. It’s time to adopt a new sense of ethics that acknowledge our collective effect on our pale blue dot, and which account for the quality of the land our progeny will inherit.

Questions From the Headlines

When headline writers use questions, Burt Likko answers them. Briefly, completely, and unabashedly expressing his own opinion. Ten questions about politics, the business of news, news of business, and grizzly bears.

Getting a Temperature Reading on Climate Change Politics

Gawker’s Adam Weinstein and the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Lawrence Torcello have each come out for the criminalization of climate-change denial. I’m curious to know what readers here think of this.

Climate Change is Not Going Away

Bill McKibben has a piece up at TomDispatch. He makes some good points, despite a clear disrespect for Mike Godwin.

Radical steps needed to combat climate change

This is a ‘promoted comment‘ from the post “Climate Change is Real and it’s Heating Up‘. It has been edited for clarity, with sources added. ~by mclaren Excellent post by Kain, as usual. The...

Heating Up

“Neither Governor Perry nor the bulk of Texas’ citizens may be interested in climate change, but climate change is interested in them.” ~ Matt Yglesias, commenting on the massive drought and terrible wildfires ravaging...