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Hey Man, I Need a Solid…

Being polite is one thing. Being taken advantage of because of being polite is another.

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Ordinary World for 22 Oct 2018

Your Ordinary World for Monday, 22 Oct 2018, with links pondering civility-or a lack there of-in the public discourse. Read, share, and discuss.


The State of the Art

In which Jason returns to OT, and ponders the State of Blogging.


Another (predictable) liberal defense of Rep. Grayson

Justin, a Friend of the Blog, isn’t terribly happy with the language Rep. Grayson (infamously?) used to describe the Republican health care alternative: There is no sense in which the Republicans want people to...


Begetting Worse Politicians

Responding to Scott’s argument (with which I agree almost entirely) that Andrew Sullivan’s obsession with Sarah Palin is counterproductive to good politics, Jaybird commented: As someone who was temporarily under the impression that Sarah...