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The Spanish Civil War: A Product of Appeasement

It did surprise me how much I did not know about the Spanish Civil War. It’s as if all trace of it is scrubbed from historical summaries of the leadup to WWII

Ashes in the Wind

Can two people set aside their differences and under the influences of hormones and hearts, live happily ever after?  

Identity and its Monuments

The South is so obsessed with one short, horrible moment in its past that it continues to limit the inclusiveness of its future.

The South Hasn’t Risen Again

Andrew Sullivan has pulled out the Electoral College maps again to make a point about race, the Confederacy, and the Republican Party: [I]f Obama loses North Carolina, Virginia and Florida – which I suspect...

The Novelist and the Civil War

Because I’m behind the times (the Internet times, that is—they move so fast and I’m already stuck at least a decade ago), I’ve just now gotten around to reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ long-form article on...

(Civil) War and Tragedy, Cont’d

Tossed off almost like an aside, and one of those lines I had to go back and listen to multiple times while somewhere on I-65 in the northern half of Indiana, Eric Foner speculates...

The Tragedy of War is the Tragedy of Men

Ta-Nehisi Coates continues to wonder about the relationships between and among war, tragedy, and justice: There’s a hazy line between my posts arguing that the Civil War wasn’t tragic, and my posts on the 30 Years War. The key dilemma I’m...

Pressures from the Home Front

While Confederate women and civilians pressured their sons, husbands, brothers, and fellow-citizens into fighting, those men, like one lieutenant wrote, “asked himself the question: What is this all about?  Why is it that 200,000...

Foote’s Historia

There’s something to be said for attempting to read Foote’s Civil War at the same time as Proust.  I don’t know that I would have otherwise noticed quirks of structure in Foote’s work that,...