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CIA Scandal 1

Indictment for ex-CIA Agent in China Espionage Scandal

While Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick for CIA director, testifies in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearings, one of the biggest intelligence and espionage scandals in recent memory is unfolding not far away.


The Disappearance of Informed Democracy

This week on the op-ed page of the Washington Post three senators debated the how best to detain “terrorists.”  The current annual defense authorization bill contains language introduced by Senators Carl Levin and John...


reductio ad absurdum

This is just nonsense.  I swear, as hapless as the Democrats may be, every time John Boehner opens his mouth I realize just how much more pathetic the Republicans are.  In the midst of...


all the president’s spies

John Judis would like to have more discussion about the possibility of ditching the CIA, or at the very least completely restructuring it: The question that Congress might ponder, but won’t, is whether the...


Taking the Wrong Approach

I’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that both sides of the “Did We Torture?” debate are doing themselves a big disservice in how they approach their arguments.  This perhaps isn’t surprising since I tend...

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