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And They’re Off!

A snapshot of a crowded campaign, taken right as the gate opens.


Thoughts on Double Down

I plowed through Double Down, which I recommend if you are one of the relative few who belong both to the set of people who like politics and the set of people who are not...


More Salt for Mark Thompson’s Wounds

Hey, remember how CPAC snubbed Chris Christie, based on the logic that having someone who had asked for disaster relief might send a message that post-election movement conservatism was a joke?  


You say austerity, I say prosperity

Reactions to New Jersey governor, Chris Christie’s cuts and privatizations are mixed depending on where you fall on the ideological spectrum. But one thing that irks me is the reaction that all these spending...


Push Comes To Shove

I said awhile ago that, despite some early promisnig signs, the real test of whether Governor Christie is taking our state’s budgetary problems and tax problems seriously would be in the details of his budget...


Keep It Simple Stupid

Daniel Larison makes a point that should be blindingly obvious were it not for the need for our talking heads to turn every single election into a referendum on the talking heads’ own framing...


The Race to Join California

This report pretty clearly demonstrates why “not as bad as Corzine” will, in practice, amount to “no different than Corzine.”  New Jersey needed a governor with an actual plan to attack its fiscal problems beyond...


Post-election ruminations

So let’s see – in Virginia a life-long social conservative, Bob McDonnell, ran as a pragmatist and beat the tar out of  Democrat Creigh Deeds.  Exit polls show a majority of Virginians still support...


Why I Voted For Daggett

While I don’t think Corzine’s been as bad for New Jersey as most people seem to think (the Dems in the Assembly and Senate being a much different story), there was never any chance...

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