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Cuff the Midwife

A horrible story raises age-old questions about regulation, medical care, and people who make money insisting they know better than trained professionals.

A Standard Utopia

Would you accept everything at a fraction of the cost if you had no product variety?

Nostalgia & Freedom

“In general, I am agnostic on exactly how libertarian I want society to be.  What I know is that I want more libertarianism (of certain kinds) than we have right now.  After some changes...

Double standards

When the House recently passed a healthcare bill which included restrictions on the use of federal money to subsidize abortion, liberals were up in arms.  “It restricts choice!” they cried.  Let’s oppose it!  Let’s...

community and exit

One fundamental flaw in the idealized concept of small town America is the lack of freedom to exit.  In small towns the freedom to exit is greatly reduced – especially in rural areas where...

The Vector: A Post-Theist Moral Framework

“But, in a nutshell, the further one says the edge of one’s sphere is from one, translates, generally, into how moral one is perceived to be… so long, of course, as one doesn’t go on to screw the proverbial pooch (or the literal one, depending on one’s proclivities).”

Ah, Abortion

~by sidereal When I’m asked for my opinion on abortion (or when I give it unprompted) I have to decide how long a conversation I want to have.  If I want it over with,...

not nearly enough

From hilzoy: “I am strongly pro-choice, but I think it is perfectly possible to be opposed to abortion on principled grounds, and I think that it would be an enormous mistake to conflate all...

continuity and the culture of death

1 a: the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body b: a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings c: an organismic...