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The Trump Economy On the Brink

You don’t need to be an economist to know that none of this is good. A President at war with everyone and pushing an economic agenda that is pure crackpottery.

Tiananmen Square 6

This Post Won’t Be Read in China

June the 4th marks 30 years since dreams of democracy were splattered across Tiananmen Square along with the blood of untold number of protestors

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Linky Friday: Meanwhile, Elsewhere

This week, Linky Friday brings you news from around the world and links to stories about the UK, China, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan and more

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Ordinary World for 3 Dec 2018

Your Ordinary World for 3 Dec 2019 with links to stories about Brexit, China, India, Pakistan, France, Russia, Japan, Canada, and Nigeria where the president has announced that he is not, in fact, a clone.

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Ordinary World 26 Nov 2018

Your Ordinary World for 26 Nov 2018 with links about healthcare, community, AOC, regulating Big Tech, a different take on red state/blue state, China’s revisionist history, and the death of charity walk-a-thons.

CIA Scandal 1

Indictment for ex-CIA Agent in China Espionage Scandal

While Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick for CIA director, testifies in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearings, one of the biggest intelligence and espionage scandals in recent memory is unfolding not far away.


Questions From the Headlines

When headline writers use questions, Burt Likko answers them. Briefly, completely, and unabashedly expressing his own opinion. Ten questions about politics, the business of news, news of business, and grizzly bears.


Gastrodestination Portland

To the left is a meal I had in Portland, Oregon this weekend. It was not the best meal I had. But it was the gayest. (Read more at NaPP…)   Burt Likko is the...


Chinese Professor

Doug Mataconis passes along this ad from Citizens Against Government Waste: It’s probably a pretty effective ad – James Fallows thinks it’s an instant classic – but I found it also kind of bizarre....


The Organized Labor-Neoconservative Nexus

There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this Nation article on the Progressive split over China policy, but Labor’s belligerent tone is pretty striking: AAM’s Paul expressed grave concern about China’s efforts to enhance...


Exporting Authoritarianism

I wish I was as sanguine about the future of authoritarianism as Anne Applebaum, who breezily predicts that repressive regimes not named the People’s Republic of China will have a rough go of it...


China Revisionism

James Fallows has an interesting post on the media’s reaction to Obama’s recent China visit.


For the record

Predictably enough, Obama has attracted some nonsensical criticism for reiterating his support for the “one-China” principle. So it’s worth remembering that Bush not only opposed formally recognizing Taiwanese independence, he was actually criticized for...


Google’s Responsibility

Andrew Sullivan flags a noble-sounding quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt: “The internet is the strongest force for individual self-expression ever invented. Governments around the world, even democratically elected, have difficulty with [the flow...

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