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Put Away Childish Things

Many of us have stuck with childish pursuits because the adults of the past couple generations failed to properly pass the baton.


Pursuing Rainbows

What do you do when a group of 4- and 5-year-olds make a request of you that you think is impossible? You trust them.


Destroying Children

Justice for children…and by that we mean crushing, brutal retribution regardless of age.


Bringing Baby to Dinner

What’s to do when some parent (who obviously isn’t you because of course you have better judgment than that) brings their child to an inappropriate place? Also: food porn from Chicago!


Limits = Love

Want to be your kids’ friend? Be a jerk.


The Hardwired Bonds of Nurturing

I have a theory about pets and people without children.  This theory is born out of mere anecdotal observation of friends and family, and as such it’s not very scientific.  But I believe it...


To Fail as a Son

The last time I saw my father I was twelve years old. Before boarding the airplane that would return me to the home of my mother and step-father, I had sat on the edge...


Playing music with children

This pretty much sums up every time I try to play guitar while my children are around. My daughter is almost five and my son almost two, and their musical tastes tend to be...


Marginal cases and virtue

Children are marginal cases. Talking about ethics in terms of autonomy, or rights — Kantian ethics —  famously leaves children, especially very young children, in an odd place. I have addressed this elsewhere in...