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The Rule of Doctrine

Atheist writer Adam Lee compares the Roman Catholic hierarchy to an absolute monarchy and dictatorship, but this comparison fails to account for the role of established doctrine in the church’s teaching office.


The Stress of Left Regard

We’ve all heard about right wing backlash against Pope Francis. But what about backlash from the left?


…Because Getting Off Is Fun

The esteemed Kyle Cupp was written a beautifully thoughtful essay in which he puzzles over the Catholic Church’s insistence that certain kinds of sex are necessarily injurious. First he writes: I’ve asked Catholics who...


Homogenization and the State

“In some ways, the ‘night watchman’ state — the state that enables civil society to develop and function without distortions imposed by roving bandits, local notables, and its own functionaries, but that also is...


quote for the evening

“The notion that differences of opinion between the Catholic church and U.S. law will somehow render Catholic judicial nominees unconfirmable is demonstrably ludicrous. In addition to opposing gay marriage, the Catholic church also opposes...


Catholicism as a Diploma

I’m late to this, I know, but I just caught Christopher Buckley’s post on Newt Gingrich’s recent conversion to Catholicism: Mr. Gingrich’s brain is a 24/7 phenomenon: Half the time, you sit there just...


quote of the day

The kerfuffle over the Obama commencement at Notre Dame has sparked a lot of rather boorish commentary.  A more nuanced approach is hard to find, but not impossible: