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Linky Friday No. 61

It’s Linky Friday and now you have a way to malinger productivity while reading random links embedded in wry comments that are only funny after you read the articles!

Ballot Initiatives Open Thread

And now on to the more important matters of ballot initiatives. In general last night’s results lead me to believe that American citizens are moving towards a more liberal (in the classical sense) political...

The Car & The City

by Trumwill Peak Oil has been right around the corner for decades. Global warming requires a response that is going to make energy – oil in particular – more expensive. Commuters and drivers are...

brief thoughts on cash for clunkers

Well, first of all I have a clunker.  A minivan to be precise.  It is rusty on the top, and though it drives fairly well in town, our mechanic recently warned us not to...

giving up cars

I’ve thought about this sort of community before, but I didn’t know anyone was trying something this radical….