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America, the Awesome

Burt Likko has one of those sorts of problems that really aren’t such bad problems to have.


The Zen of Twee

  From the  New York Magazine article The Twee Party: One afternoon last June, the quaint silhouette of a three-masted sailboat made its way into New York Harbor and pulled up at the Red...


A Brave Foot Forward

Nicole Pamby is an old blogging friend of mine. She mostly blogs about her career as a freelance writer but today she shared some of her personal life.


Work, as a financial reality: The lesson of Norma Rae

It’s hard to pinpoint a year more emblematic of second-wave feminism and its emphasis on career than 1979.  In popular entertainment, The Mary Tyler Moore show had concluded its seven-year run only two years...



Response to E.D.: I’ve felt for a while that the pendulum was starting to swing and that cracking the teachers unions would soon become an issue that lacked ideological definition (I compare it to...