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Kevin Williamson: A Lesson in Cooperative Capitalism

In theory, this kind of cooperation should not exist. If every utility executive were in fact a rational specimen of Homo economicus, he would gleefully greet hurricanes that put his competitors at a disadvantage and imposed large losses on them. (Utilities may not often compete directly with one another for customers, but they do compete for capital.) The difference of a few tenths of a percentage point in the dividend could be the difference between a large institutional investor putting its money into Jones Power instead of Smith Power, with billions of dollars potentially at stake. And, yet, Jones Power does not revel in Smith Power’s troubles — instead, it sends its own workers into Smith’s market to help out Smith’s customers.

No doubt you could construct a plausible economic narrative in which this can all be explained in terms of each firm seeking to secure its own self-interest very broadly defined — utilities maximizing utility.

But that misses the point.

NRO: After the Storm: In Florida and Beyond, a Lesson in Cooperative Capitalism


Some Kind of Life

Notes on Stefan Zweig’s “The Post Office Girl”, assimilation, and shifting fortunes.


The Child-Free Generation’s Hard Bargain With Capitalism

Flip through a few American newspapers and magazines, and it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that there’s a cultural obsession with fertility. (“Where Have All The Babies Gone?” “America’s Baby Bust.” “More...


Sully’s Rosetinted View of Traditional Familial Norms

I am not anti-family values. I do not think that “what a family consists of” can be endlessly reconfigured without consequence. There are causes and effects, particular familial institutions and outcomes associated with them. But I...


Beyond Capitalism

Umair Haque has an interesting post up at the Harvard Business Review asking whether Marx was in fact correct about capitalism – not about communism mind you, but about capitalism. Marx, after all, did...


Unleashing the power of capitalism on talk radio

I have the unfortunate tendency to sometimes listen to rightwing radio while I drive. On morning news shows and during the afternoon bouts of Sean Hannity I subject myself to, I often hear the...


Optimism Inc.

Me: Not to sound like too much of an optimist – because resource depletion does keep me up nights, too – but I do think innovation and green technology and new ways of crafting...


Capitalism, Anarchy & War Part II

A few things to follow up on my last post with, briefly. First, I agree with the larger critique of IOZ’s post that in fact the “system” has no intent – no grand conspiracy...


Capitalism, Anarchy & War

IOZ devotes a bit of time to snarking at that Karl Smith post everyone’s been linking to and talking about: When people say that the job, purpose, goal, intent, etc. of something is to...


Uncertain America

Over at the Washington Examiner I riff off of this post by Kevin Drum and conclude that America is a lot more uncertain than it should be for many working class families. I’m not...


An ‘antique liberal’ by any other name

David – I wonder if what Blond is trying to do is to bridge the divide between the modern liberal state and the sort of Aristotelian or anti-modern philosophy of MacIntyre or the radical...


Wealth and moral character

Jonah Goldberg makes some very good points about human welfare and markets: I’m no unmitigated fan of Wal-Mart, but it can’t be denied that Wal-Mart—and stores like it—have improved the lives of a lot...


Markets in Everything

Following up a bit on my “General America” piece, I wanted to add that I find the “all markets all the time” position within conservatism to be somewhat unfulfilling as well.  Market solutions are...


Big is beautiful (and inevitable)

A day or two ago, I offhandedly endorsed an article from Jagdish Bhagwati on the continued relevance of global free trade. This provoked a few heated responses from Kevin Carson, who has long argued...


In Defense of Capitalism

Please read Jagdish Bhagwati’s excellent defense of free markets and free trade in the wake of the global financial panic.


individualism, properly understood

I have been rather harsh in my treatment of the “rugged individual” in these pages, and yet have come to an essentially libertarian position on most economic issues.  At the heart of libertarian philosophy...


misconceptions and deregulation

Just very briefly – “deregulation” does not mean the stripping away of all rules or the desire to enter into a state of anarchy.  So when I speak of “deregulating” the health care industry,...