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Border Misadventures

Somehow I managed to cross the U.S.-Canadian border twice in the past week without the proper documentation.

World Relief Map 4

Linky Friday: Meanwhile, Elsewhere

This week, Linky Friday brings you news from around the world and links to stories about the UK, China, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan and more


Wages on the Borderline

The minimum wage gap between neighboring Canadian provinces is widening.


An American Town Fueled by Amazon and Canadians

So if you are a small town in Washington state, how do you increase your population by 36% and your tax revenue two to five times that of other comparable sized municipalities? Economic magic? Nope; just be located close to the border and be thankful for Canadian Amazon shoppers flooding in for parcel pickup.

Very Still and Very Quiet

Today, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo received a military procession and funeral in Hamilton, Ontario. Firsthand impressions from the crowd.


Thank You!

God Bless America.


Celebrating The Judiciary

In which Burt Likko envies Canada for its annual commemoration of courts expanding individual rights.


Secession, Legal Orders, and Justification

A few days ago ago I tweeted this line: “Secession is the decision to step out of an existing political order, so it’s a category error to try to justify it legally.” Obviously I’m...


22 Years Later

~by Jonathan McLeod I was 13. I couldn’t fathom that my sister’s life could be worth any less than mine. I would never have thought that the girls I knew and loved, friends like...


Canada’s Century

Will global warming help make our Northern neighbor into a superpower?


Blame Canada

Okay people.  It’s time for all of you to pile on Scott and Chris.  Turns out they’re the bad guys in the whole climate change kerfuffle: