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To No One’s Surprise

A squib of a post about this morning’s Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. FEC. Very brief: aggregate campaign donation limits unconstitutional.


Oyez, Oyez

It’s the first Monday in October. Burt Likko offers a preview of the high points of the Supreme Court’s docket, and some other interesting notes.


Campaign Finance, Ideology, and Doubt

This month’s Cato Unbound is on campaign finance disclosure law. It’s been a fun one to watch as editor, and it certainly runs the gamut of opinion. There’s my colleague John Samples, who worries...



Can someone explain this to me? Maybe start with general principles of fairness in election law, and then work your way up — or down — to this? Colorado Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes’...


Undermining the Republicrats

Over at the Liberty Papers, Quincy offers a distinctive take on Obama’s attack on the Citizens United ruling.  Money quote: It is not the thought of special interests influencing politics that scares the ruling...


The Boss Tweed-ization of national politics

“Reformers should be focusing on lifting limits on the flow of money from parties to candidates and restoring the role of the parties as the funders of campaigns. Instead of Candidate Smith asking Donor...


No Fear of Citizens

Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down its own precedent in order to overturn campaign finance laws prohibiting corporations and unions from making “independent expenditures” relating to political campaigns within the weeks leading up to...


Eight Steps Towards A Less Dysfunctional Congress

by Kyle Mathews If there’s one thing that most political commentators and Americans can agree upon, it’s that Congress is bad at its job. Presidential approval ratings go up and down, Congressional approval ratings...


Our Northern European Future, continued

To respond briefly to Jamelle’s response to my response to his response to Ross Douthat’s latest column (got that?), I think he’s right that thorough-going campaign finance reform would solve a lot of structural...



Reading over Will’s post about Geert Wilders’ manifesto to save Western Civilization got me thinking.  Not so much about Wilders or the actual manifesto, given that I think he is a Class A wackjob,...