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Observance: George HW Bush Lying in State

“Cross-section of America” is a phrase that gets overused. In the lines snaking their way through the Capitol and around a rotunda occupied by the 41st president lying in state, it was made manifest. A living, breathing example of E Pluribus Unum, queued up in neat rows waiting to pass by the honored George HW Bush.


President George HW Bush Dead at 94

The 41st President, George Herbert Walker Bush, has died at 94. His biography, from shot down naval aviator in WW2, to election to the House, failed Senate candidate, UN ambassador, leading the CIA, and VP to President Reagan before his own rise to the White House, is astonishing.

Politics and Empathy

Tom Bissell is one of my favorite writers. In his recent career he’s written a lot about video games, but for the election Yahoo! News has given him some space to pontificate about politics.

The first draft of history is always poorly edited

Last year, Ross Douthat wrote a perceptive article on the inevitability of attempts to revive Bush’s flagging presidential reputation. Now Big Government is offering a sneak peak at what future Bush revisionism might look...

For The Record

Jonah Goldberg (among others) seems offended by the fact that Obama blames the situation in Afghanistan on his predecessor. Blaming Bush may be evergreen for the Democrats, but in this case, it happens to...

For the record

Predictably enough, Obama has attracted some nonsensical criticism for reiterating his support for the “one-China” principle. So it’s worth remembering that Bush not only opposed formally recognizing Taiwanese independence, he was actually criticized for...

Stirring the Pot

Via Alex Massie, here’s a telling example of the United States helping dissidents by minding its own business:

distrust of government

“The Reaganite conservative does not trust the political system, and so is always trying to circumvent it; he does not trust the instincts of Congress, but places profound faith in the wisdom of the...

over at Obsidian Wings

von uses the graph (below) to illustrate how horrible Obama’s projected deficits are compared to Bush’s then tries to act (in the comments) as though the cost of the two wars (or military appropriations)...

The Filter of War

Freddie writes: While I continue to believe that our national conversation is far from an equitable or fair one, I have to admit that things have changed; there is more criticism and questioning of...