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RetConning the Tea Party

Whatever its genesis, a populist movement is always a populist movement, and they always end the same way.


Three Things About Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP Pick

I loathe Ryan, not least of all because I can now no longer sit in front of the telly (my Netflix queue has been full of British sitcoms) and let my frustration reservedly smolder as I watch the...


Why Are These Two Things Different?

At Rortybomb (which has migrated to Next New Deal), Mike Konczal takes arguments against lower rates on student loans to task. My only question is this: Are taxes owed to the U.S. government a kind...



The other day David posted a video of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for NASA and continued space exploration. His distinct voice, his intellect and, I daresay, his race, have...


Waste and Abuse

So, we’ve just narrowly averted — do we avert things in any other way? — we’ve just narrowly averted yet another government shutdown. I can’t help but feel that the magic is gone, and...


A few more notes on cutting defense spending

Joerg Wolf, of the Atlantic Council, disagrees that European nations would increase defense spending if America decreased its presence in Europe and around the globe as I noted in my defense-spending piece at NRO....


Another casualty of the recession…

From The Los Angeles Times: Maywood, a small working-class community south of downtown Los Angeles, plans to lay off all its employees, disband its Police Department and turn over its entire municipal operations to...


Paul Ryan’s Budget

“If Obama’s efforts to create a viable regulatory framework in which individuals can buy private health insurance (a) pass congress, and (b) turn out to work well and be popular, then you can imagine...


two graphs

Following up on this post from yesterday, on von’s post here, I provide (via Yglesias) yet another graph….


over at Obsidian Wings

von uses the graph (below) to illustrate how horrible Obama’s projected deficits are compared to Bush’s then tries to act (in the comments) as though the cost of the two wars (or military appropriations)...