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Rebecca Solnit 7

Sunday Morning! “The Faraway Nearby”

On Rebecca Solnit’s 2013 collection of interwoven, digressive, personal essays about the stories we tell to make our way through life with each other.


Forgiveness is Divine

The weirdest thing about forgiveness is that in the end it really isn’t about the person you’re forgiving, it’s about you.


Ashes in the Wind

Can two people set aside their differences and under the influences of hormones and hearts, live happily ever after?  


The Twilight Zone

Everything you ever wanted to know about women, you can learn from reading “Twilight”.



This is my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it.

#independentbookstoreday 26


#IndependentBookstoreDay is upon. After a week in which Amazon, a main force is the decline of bookstores announced their quarterly profits, the independent-minded bibliophiles now have their day. Or at least, one day.


The White House Mess

Michael Wolff’s The Fire and the Fury is the talk of the town and certainly the book of the moment.



Taking on the big challenges of literature.


Book Club!

“Where are you now?”

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