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Beowulf-Grendel book club reminder

Just a quick note to remind everyone we’ll be starting our Beowulf-Grendel book club tomorrow.  We’ll be discussing lines 1-1007.  (Pages 3-67 in the Heaney translation – only about 30 pages or reading for...


Announcing the Beowulf & Grendel Book Club

Starting the week after next, the League will be hosting the Beowulf & Grendel Book Club*.  Everyone and anyone is invited (nay, encouraged!) to participate. For those not familiar with either work, Beowulf is...


Fantasy and the Anglosphere

When I published my fantasy piece in the Atlantic it was linked (reproduced?) by Richard Dawkins’ site and a number of the atheists in the commentariat had scathing things to say about fantasy literature....


The White Luck Warrior (and a new fantasy book club)

Don’t worry, no spoilers in this review. I just finished R. Scott Bakker’s novel The White Luck Warrior (Available at Amazon) a couple days ago. It’s the second book in his Aspect-Emperor trilogy and the fifth...

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