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The plot thickens.


Selections from the secret reading room.


Book club shall be its trade name.


All good things must come to an end.


Small Gods from “Didactylos could feel the crowd.” to “For a start, they believe with all their heart.”


Tod discusses the second episode of Season Two.


Sandman Bookclub: The Kindly Ones, Pts. 4 and 5

Game of Thrones Book Club

So commenter Daniel and I are going to be hosting a book club for Game of Thrones here at The League. Recent discussions of the show have been a lot of fun, so we...

My belated contribution to Freddie’s book club

I’m well off the pace of Freddie’s book club, but I’ve been meaning to write something about The Name of the Rose for some time now. Below, you’ll find a few half-formed thoughts on...

A Book Club in Winter

League alumnus Freddie deBoer is hosting a book club on Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose: First published in English translation in 1983, it is an incredibly well-realized piece of historical fiction, a...