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Too soon? Insensitive? Maybe. But imagining what COVID Clue might be like has got to better than watching another one of Trump’s insane press conferences from between my fingers.


Tenacity, Thy Name is Superfection

Symposium: Not only was the impossible possible, I could excel at something I had once truly believed I was incapable of.


Not Sorry!

Board Game Symposium: Not sorry…Sometimes that is all we need and want, just a bit of badly needed fun.


Rolling The Dice On A Rainy Day

Symposium: The slow kid was just as fast as the fastest of the bunch when rolling the dice. The kid who was afraid to swing across the gully on a vine could take over the world in a game of Risk.


That Time I Played a Game and Liked It

Board Game Symposium: If you ask me, the escape wasn’t just from an imaginary castle; it was from the ordinary, every day, mundane activities of life.


My Favorite Board Game

Board Game Symposium: Lords of Waterdeep is my favorite board game. Seriously, I can’t recommend this game enough.