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Worth Watching

If you have a spare hour, I’d highly recommend watching this dialog on the Giffords shooting and abortion. I don’t think it will change any minds, but it’s a model of clarity and intelligent...


Your Friday evening brain teaser

This dialogue between David Frum and Jonah Goldberg has been getting some attention: Let’s bracket the “Is Obama a socialist?” question in favor of something a little less contentious. What, if anything, is the...


New institutions.

Chris Hayes and Reihan Salam had a Bloggingheads discussion the other day about their latest articles in Time. Both wrote short essays about an “important trend”: Hayes diagnoses a collapse of authority in our...


Creationists on BloggingHeads?

I’m a big fan of BloggingHeads, though I generally prefer the political or philosophical dialogues to ‘Science Saturday’ and the like. So I completely missed this controversy over inviting creationists on the show, which...


Department of Silly Inquiries

John Horgan has a question – does religion do more harm than good? Leaving aside the impossibility of quantifying the benefits and downsides of faith in any systematic fashion – what metric, one wonders,...


Madrick on Case for Big Gov’t

I found this an extremely thought provoking Bloggingheads.  I thought some of the League and our readers might as well.  Jeff Madrick discusses with Jim Pinkerton his new book The Case for Big Government....

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