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In the lake of the woods

Ta-Nehisi Coates has a lovely post about isolation that’s well worth your while. You should read it. For some reason the title and the sort of haunting imagery called to mind Tim O’Brien’s novel,...

The limits of doing this for free

Will Wilkinson links to this post by Ezra Klein, who makes a very good point: Fairly few political commentators know enough to decide which research papers are methodologically convincing and which aren’t. So we...

The One Best Way

I now have another.. other… blog. Same authors as the old Positive Liberty, new site location, new look and feel.

Is Tyler Cowen autistic?

Via David Weigel, here’s a great profile of the blogosphere’s renaissance man.

Leaving the ‘Sphere

Friend of the Blog Sonny Bunch hangs up his spurs at Conventional Folly. He’ll be missed.

Give us press passes!

An intrepid Baltimore blogger pushes for press access at Maryland’s State House  (via Splice).

On Blogging

Reading both Andrew’s comments on the Atlantic’s site re-design and Ta-Nehisi Coates, I am reminded again of the importance of creating something personal with new media, that blogging is not journalism exactly, and that...

Can blogging prevent plagiarism?

I completely missed the Daily Beast plagiarism scandal, but Michael Roston has an interesting post on how blogging norms prevent writers from inadvertently stealing.

Taste and memory

Roger Ebert may no longer be able to speak or eat, but thank God he can still blog.

Public Service Announcement

Distinguished League alumnus Freddie is taking an indefinite break from politics in favor of some serious book-blogging at his old digs. I encourage all of you to check it out – I know I’ll...

Happy New Year

I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and happy holiday. At the risk of lapsing into blog-cliché, this site wouldn’t be nearly as fun without so many interesting (and vocal!) readers, and I hope...

The Evolution of Blogging: An Interview with Charles Johnson

Few bloggers have had quite as controversial a career as Little Green Football’s Charles Johnson.  Johnson began blogging in earnest back in 2001 after the attacks on the twin towers, and continues putting out content...

America’s Next Top Pundit

Despite Will’s take on the Washington Post’s “Next Top Pundit” contest, I thought it sounded like a pretty neat way to gain some exposure.  I mean, no matter which way you look at it,...

Bloggers and biographies.

I just thought of something. In maybe twenty-five or thirty years, we’ll start seeing scholarly biographies of people who at one time maintained or contributed to a blog.

Dear Washington Post,

Look, I get it. Sales figures are declining. Online ad revenue sucks. This whole fragmented media environment thing hasn’t exactly been gangbusters for business. That Internet video experiment flamed out faster than a Roman...

Seven Years in the ‘Sphere

Reflecting on Kevin Drum’s seventh ‘blogiversary’, David Adesnik has some thoughts on his own humble Internet beginnings and the evolution of blogging.

On Blogging

Felix Salmon has some advice for prospective bloggers. The whole thing is worth reading, but this segment jumped out at me: As always, there’s a trade-off between quantity and quality. Should you write more,...


Speaking as someone who doesn’t blog under his full name to avoid professional and personal complications, I think James Joyner has the best take on l’affaire publius (background here). And speaking of Internet anonymity,...