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The Best of Ordinary Times 2019

This was a strong year for Ordinary Times, with contributions from many different authors. It included strong debuts from new voices and dynamite content from our regular contributors

The State of the Art

In which Jason returns to OT, and ponders the State of Blogging.


Recently there was a discussion here about the value of OT co-founder Freddie deBoer’s writing,

Mo’ Meta, Mo’ Betta

Via BoingBoing, please enjoy an opinion piece on a controversial topic. The comments may be better than the OP, and that’s saying something.

One Further Thought on Internet Commenting

A Twitter “conversation” with our own Tim Kowal yesterday reminded me of something that I neglected to mention in my previous post. Part of why comments sections struggle especially hard to move beyond style to...

I’m Just a Black Man Trapped in This White World…

To paraphrase fellow blogger Mike Dwyer, it seems kind of odd to write an introduction since I’ve been familiar with this blog and the bloggers for about as long as the League has existed. ...

I’m Guest Blogging at The Atlantic

I’m guest-blogging for Megan McArdle at The Atlantic for the next two weeks. Worth noting: Erik gave Tony Comstock a guest spot last year, and shortly thereafter James Fallows asked him to to guest-blog....

A Brave Foot Forward

Nicole Pamby is an old blogging friend of mine. She mostly blogs about her career as a freelance writer but today she shared some of her personal life.

6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s

  Since my last we completed the topside planking on both hulls.  It makes for a very pretty picture.

A matter of taste

So, I’ve discovered in my blogging of late that adding pictures to posts can really liven up a blog. It adds value at the margin.

A New Politics Blog

So I’m expanding the American Times Empire. My blog at Forbes has gradually morphed into a tech blog. I write about all sorts of tech stuff there now – from social media to video...

Portrait of the blogger as a young man

So I am now officially unemployed. Well, I am officially blogging full time actually – so not quite unemployed so much as not traditionally employed. I am a contributor at Forbes so that makes me...

The League, Here and There and Back Again

I know Mark is working on a history of the League, and Patrick and Tod and others have been doing various posts about where readers and commenters and writers and so forth all hail...

Congratulations are in order

Please join me in congratulating League blogger (and Outside the Beltway blogger, and Forbes blogger) Alex Knapp who has just accepted a full-time position with Forbes magazine. This is seriously awesome and I’m happy...

Commenter Tribunals

I think the League’s reader community is pretty great, but it’s basically impossible for a bunch of amateur bloggers to mediate comment threads full-time. One possible solution would be to borrow the idea of...

Will blog for food

Jonathan Strong has an interesting piece on the sometimes-fuzzy line between blogging and paid political advocacy. I think there’s quite a difference between getting paid by an ideological organization to blog (this is hardly...

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