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More conservative rap.

So young white conservatives are still making political rap videos. At least the production values on WOLVERINES’s “One Term President” are leagues beyond last year’s Young Con Anthem, which Michael E. Van Landingham described...


Andy McCarthy, just askin’ questions

Seriously, National Review. This is getting embarrassing: I didn’t suggest that Bill Ayers is the author of one of Barack Obama’s biographies — I reported that someone else had made the suggestion and had...


Birthers vs. Truthers

Jonah Goldberg lands some solid blows against the Left’s knee-jerk defense of Van Jones here, but contrasting the travails of our dearly-departed green jobs czar with the conservative establishment’s response to the “Birther” movement...


Podcast: Conspiracy Nation

I was able to persuade Steven Harris of Mary Washington College – one of my favorite undergraduate professors – to record a podcast on the Obama “Birther” movement. We also covered media fragmentation, the...


birther 2.0

I must say, these “birther” conspiracy-theorists really have put a tether on their imaginations.  Why stop at Obama’s birth, for instance?  I personally not only believe that Obama was born in Kenya, I believe...


Widespread Panic

I was going to debunk Andy McCarthy’s un-sourced descent into the fever swamps of ”Obama Birther-ism”, but Philip Klein has already gone and done the work for me, so go give his piece a...


Practice what you preach

While I suppose we should all be glad that Townhall has officially disavowed the Obama ‘Birther’ movement, it’s hard to take them seriously when they’re simultaneously sending out ads for Birther merchandise.



Politico’s look at the suprising political relevance of the ‘Obama Birther’ movement makes for a depressing read.


Lou Dobbs

takes a swan dive off the deep end in this latest installment of the Obama Birther craze.

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