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Cuff the Midwife

A horrible story raises age-old questions about regulation, medical care, and people who make money insisting they know better than trained professionals.


The Silence is Deafening, but not Illuminating

Okay, don’t worry: this post is not about Rush Limbaugh or birth control pills. Alas! That stories so voluminously begun as the Chronicle of Limbaughpalooza 2012 (or Slutpocalypse Now) should come to so lame...


Folkways and knowledge

I was a little disappointed to see that the conversation on my ‘folkways’ post went the direction it did. I was hoping some strong advocates of science would recognize where science has erred, and...


Folk wisdom and the tyranny of the experts

[updated below] I’ve been thinking about birth a great deal lately. This is likely because birth in my family is just around the corner. Our second is due in July. In any case, all...