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“You can’t shake the Devil’s hand and say you’re only kidding.” -TMBG

Laura Ingraham 39

Laura Ingraham Can Keep her “We” To Herself

While others have rightfully covered the bigotry involved in Laura Ingraham’s statement, the lies that sit at its premise must not be overlooked and excused away as trivial.


Bigots Come Out Of The Closet

Catholic Vote turns the tide on the gay marriage issue by creating a video featuring six bigots coming out the closet. Or something.


A Few Words on Bigotry

  Years ago when I was a bit younger  (but still very much a grown adult of the world) I was traveling by car on business.  A young man we’d just hired was accompanying...


Clash of Civilizations

Ta-Nehisi Coates posts the below video, writing: I don’t even know what to say anymore. It’s officially fine to be bigoted toward Muslims. The panel (rather politely) dissented. I guess that’s a good thing....


Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Double Standards

Except that I do not think the Juan Williams Incident qualifies as outright bigotry, I do agree with Greenwald on this point: The double standard in our political discourse — which tolerates and even...


The More Important Question is Why

A few weeks back, Rufus asked whether there had been a recent uptick in people protesting against the construction of mosques and Islamic religious institutions.  As the recent NY Times piece (with which I...


Bigotry Comes Out of the Closet

In some ways, I was happy to read this little piece of anti-gay bigotry on the American Family Association’s website regarding a hypothetical appointment of an openly gay Supreme Court justice.  At least it’s...