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Biases 7

Biases and Lies, Told By Us, To Us

A while back Jaybird brought up “Priming” while dealing with the Yanni vs Laurel thing. Cognitive bias, however, influences just about every thought you have in one way or another, and dealing with it beyond just behavior in understanding it better is a complex endeavor.


If Conservatives Want to be Heard, Stop Whining About Unfair

Conservatives especially would do well to remember that a core principle of their alleged beliefs is personal accountability. If conservatives or anyone else hope to attract people to hearing them out, a fully developed sense of handling unfairness in a constructive way is key.


There Will Be Numbers: The limits of wonkery

Since the teachers in Chicago went on strike, Ezra Klein’s blog of gritty numerics has published four posts on the subject. Each has been, as one might expect, mired in the most precise and useless...