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News Comes in Threes, Israeli Edition

The past three days have seen three important events in Israeli politics, which, taken together, will have ramifications for American policy and the region as a whole. On Tuesday—as the title of my prior,...


A Mentsch Trakht, un Got Lakht

I was as surprised as anyone to wake up this morning and discover that Kadima had agreed to enter Netanyahu’s governing coalition.  This, in case you missed it, broadens its reach to 94 of...


Only Nixon Could Go to China

In my previous post on this topic, I concluded with a warning that, if the UN recognizes Palestinian statehood, it needs to make this recognition contingent on Palestinian recognition of Israel’s right to exist—saying,...


Flip a COIN

With the apparent (and horrifically bloody) demise of the Tamil Tigers it’s worth I think reviewing the context of this whole counterinsurgency debate.  Basically as Nir Rosen says there are two schools of counterinsurgency....

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