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Beer 18

Beer: The Way the Founders Intended It?

You know the old saying, “as American as baseball, apple pie, and George Washingtons personal recipe for beer.” Or at least, that is Anheuser-Busch’s latest idea. For a Budweiser that was formerly labeled “America”, there is only one step further to go to make it even more patriotic and historical:


And Another Thing…!

As if a racially offensive nickname weren’t bad enough, now this.


Washington DC Shindig Set!

  Update: Black Squirrel owner Amy Bowman is all kinds of space awesome.   Having seen this post, she shot me an email, offering us their party room and asking me to give a...


Advertising and Manipulation

This morning I saw a pretty young woman wearing a T-shirt from Brooklyn Brewery. Involuntarily, I recalled the last time I’d had some of their beer. It was pretty good, I remembered. I should...


On Preference, Briefly

~by Sam Wilkinson I found plenty of reasons to disagree with Charles Murray’s “How Thick Is Your Bubble?” quiz. I made my arguments in two ongoing threads discussing the quiz, its meaning, its construction,...


The fact that I’m a beer snob is beside the point

So, it’s interesting to me that so many libertarian-minded people, when they look at beer sales in America, say “People drink Budweiser because people like Budweiser!” and fail to take into account the laws...


Craft Beer and the Human Economy

Tom Philpott observes that not all alcohol regulations need necessarily be a bad thing: It’s true that Carter’s move on behalf of home brewers helped push along the craft-brew revolution, as did the state-by-state...


Big Beer

Mike Konczal points out that the market share for the big beer producers has actually grown since deregulation, with craft brews making up only about 4% of total market share, and the top four...


Beer, neoliberalism, and unions

Matt Yglesias returns to the subject of beer and the deregulation of the beer industry during the Carter industry. I’m going to take a bit of credit for the debate that was sparked around...


Nietzsche, brought to you by Heineken.

Is Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals too long for you? Good news! Now you can just watch this Heineken commercial:


Too Late for Beer Week

But the headline is immortal: Deep Fried Beer Invented in Texas.


From the land of pleasant living…

My favorite spot to view him is standing by the Pagoda looking East over Patterson Park at night.  There, staring back is the neon face of a smiling, mustached, one-eyed man – often mistaken...


Against sin taxes and soft prohibition

"An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger, or a beer." ~ Confucius Matt Yglesias and Mark Kleiman both think that taxing beer at much higher rates is a good idea....


Hooray for Hops

Add this to the list of studies showing that beer, in moderation, is good for your health.  That, in and of itself, is unremarkable.  What is remarkable, however, is that we finally have undeniable...