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The Destatuification of a Justice

Or, an opportunity to meditate upon our ambiguous legal history and its uncomfortable place in contemporary political life.


Don’t focus on the riots

Thoughts about the riots in Baltimore. But it can’t be just about the riots, can it?


“Their money did not stink.”

I don’t have anything to add to the Great Sanitation Throwdown, but I have to note that basically everywhere in the USA we’ve got it pretty good whether our sanitation is handled by authoritarian...


From the land of pleasant living…

My favorite spot to view him is standing by the Pagoda looking East over Patterson Park at night.  There, staring back is the neon face of a smiling, mustached, one-eyed man – often mistaken...


Greetings from a Loyal Democrat

I’ve been invited to contribute here at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, even though, as you can tell from my name, I don’t quite fit the “gentleman” label.  That aside, I’m proud to join...


Give us press passes!

An intrepid Baltimore blogger pushes for press access at Maryland’s State House  (via Splice).