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Three Things About Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP Pick

I loathe Ryan, not least of all because I can now no longer sit in front of the telly (my Netflix queue has been full of British sitcoms) and let my frustration reservedly smolder as I watch the...


Ayn Rand, welfare queen

I have to confess: I’ve never read Ayn Rand. Not once. But I still think this is pretty amusing.


Caricatures of libertarianism

I’m not a libertarian but I do share many beliefs in common with libertarians. That’s one reason I find this piece by Amanda Marcotte so incoherent. Leaping onto the anti-Koch bandwagon, Amanda comes to...


“The Great Ghastly Rand”

NR’s latest on Ayn Rand is quite good. As a side note, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who enjoyed The Fountainhead a lot more than Atlas Shrugged.


Matt Bai’s strange populism

Couple of pieces caught my attention this week, the first on a “new American populism” by Matt Bai, and the second, a response by Michael Kazin: Bai: Most Democrats, after all, persist in embracing...


I never get tired of these.

The conservative-attack-on-Ayn-Rand essay isn’t anything new, and I don’t know if anyone will ever top Whittaker Chambers’s classic review of Atlas Shrugged, but The New Criterion’s Anthony Daniels has made another entry in the...


A Conservative Cult?

Joe Carter responds to my post on Hayek and Health Care and owns it like Johnny Cash doing Nine Inch Nails. 


Hayek on Health Insurance

I don’t know how, during the long months of this health insurance debate, this quote from Road To Serfdom slipped my mind, but it certainly bears re-emphasis: “Nor is there any reason why the...


It usually begins with Ayn Rand

Jonathan Chait’s essay on Ayn Rand is worth a read. Given the rise of the tea party movement, his basic point – that Rand’s influence has led to an over-emphasis on a morally absolutist...