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Concern from within the Flock

Instead of telling atheists to convert, Pope Francis urged them to follow their own conscience so as to develop a contrite heart. His words have caused concern from within his flock.


Sunday Morning Atheism

The sickle cell trait. It’s often given by biologists as an example of balancing selection, which is when two different alleles (traits) are actively maintained in a population. In the case of the sickle...



A certain kind of religious activist takes it as a given, and as an imperative, that the Decalogue must be displayed prominently on and in public buildings. Gratefully, these folks are rare; sadly, they have influence...



Christopher Hitchens died yesterday.  Vanity Fair broke the news and any number of publications are running obituaries at the moment.  For myself, I can only say that one of my biggest regrets is never...


Fantasy and the Anglosphere

When I published my fantasy piece in the Atlantic it was linked (reproduced?) by Richard Dawkins’ site and a number of the atheists in the commentariat had scathing things to say about fantasy literature....


Answers in Genesis

MSNBC reports that Noah’s Ark may have been found on Turkey’s Mount Ararat. The finders, led by an evangelical group, say they are “99.9 percent” that a wooden structure found on the mountainside was...



This one is Sullivan bait if anything ever was.


Department of Silly Inquiries

John Horgan has a question – does religion do more harm than good? Leaving aside the impossibility of quantifying the benefits and downsides of faith in any systematic fashion – what metric, one wonders,...


atheist mythos (not “the myth of atheism”)

Mark’s sharp post the other day on PZ Myers (building off a similarly sharp post by Br. Ken @ Popehat) mentioned an earlier call of mine for an atheist theology.  That post only introduced...


The Guilt By Religious Association Canard

Ken at Popehat has what our friend Kip rightly calls an “important post” up about PZ Myers’ latest crusade to blame all people who believe in a Higher Being for the unconscionable actions taken...


Unanswered Questions

I wanted to draw attention to this post over at William Randolph’s blog.  He has a pretty good summation of our recent series on atheism, and takes the discussion one step further: What is...


Falsifying the Unfalsifiable

Reading through this whole, excellent series on atheism, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc. has been an extremely worthwhile experience.   As I wrote in the comments to Chris’ post (you have no idea how much...


Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury…

Much has been made recently of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, variations on the teapot analogy, and the Best-selling Atheist Bookseller’s Club.  I’m not sure exactly why so much has been made of this topic,...


Thomas Aquinas Meets The Flying Spaghetti Monster

As the League’s resident theological student, I have been a bit loathe to enter the atheism/spaghetti monster/god or no god (non)debate.  Perhaps the best comment (imo) came from James Williams  in the original thread...


atheism and monsters

Reading over the various responses to Ross Douthat’s piece on celestial teapots and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it occurs to me once again that there is a very obvious difference between a Flying Spaghetti...

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