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One last salvo on immigration

Mark’s points about the relationship between American dynamism and immigration are well-taken. Again, I’d like to stress that I’m endorsing an exceedingly mild form restrictionism – perhaps a system that expands immigration quotas for...


The US: A Special Case for Open Borders

I respect the point that Will made last week in his post arguing against open borders and for a sort of mild restrictionism.  Will sums his argument up thusly: So the West is both...


My Immigration Dilemma

As someone who’s won the citizenship lottery (read: American born), I’m very reluctant to comment on immigration. But I do believe in certain mild restrictions on the influx of new arrivals, so here’s my...


A Qualified Defense of St. Patrick’s Day

Matthew’s criticism of St. Patrick’s Day is well taken, and as someone who’s given to teasing my “Irish” friends about their debased heritage and Papist superstitions, I should be very enthusiastic about putting St....


Marginalizing extremists, at home and abroad

The trouble with folks like Mark Steyn is that all their clamor about Europe being swept away in a tide of hostile immigrants obscures the very real problem of assimilating new arrivals. Steyn, for...

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