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Would You Like Gesalt With Your Big Mac?

Normally thought of for their uniformity, a fun list for those interested in a hybrid of award-winning architecture and fast food.

God and Man at the Burning of Notre Dame

All of us look to the flame-scarred icon along the Seine and wonder what will be next for this mighty watcher of the affairs of mankind.

Linky Friday: Something Beautiful

It’s been an ugly week on the interwebs. For Linky Friday, let’s have a few moments of beautiful.

Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links

Ordinary Sunday Brunch is Ordinary Times cultural quick links for you enjoyment. This week; music, art, history, food, architecture, and religion, with music to read, share, and discuss.

“Classical” Thoughts on Solving Urban Planning

The growth of cities is a never-ending debate. Clive Aslet argues that a least some thought-if not outright guidance-of this newest version of an old problem should be have a place for “a constant—indeed inevitable—theme of classical architecture”; the classical revival.

Linky Friday #57

Burt Likko fills in for Will Truman for this week’s aggregation of dozens of links to themed web randomness!