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We’ll Always Have Apple

Ethan Gach pokes fun at our seemingly bizarre devotion to Apple on the eve of its new product reveal.


A Standard Utopia

Would you accept everything at a fraction of the cost if you had no product variety?


A Bloggy Puttanesca

(A staple in my house since my single years, a puttanesca is a cheap, low-class pasta dish that clears out little bits of other stuff from the fridge you are trying to get rid...


Google Bleg

I know Freddie thinks Google wants to eat our souls (along with that nefarious Steve Jobs) but I kind of like the monolithic software company, personally.  Lately I’ve really grown attached to Google Chrome....


the mac mini so far

So, now that I’m a parent and I spend most of my time either outside, with my family, at work, or blogging and have no time at all to play video games, I ditched...