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Nick Gillespie’s Weird Criticism of Spitzer/Weiner

Nick Gillespie of Reason has written for The Daily Beast what is an essentially boring and rehashed “liberalism-multiplies-its-own-failures” libertarian critique. What caught my eye, though, was the way he decided to begin his argument...


Gun Printing: A Call To Inaction

Once something is published on the Internet, it’s too late to take it back. Ask Anthony Weiner. Pictured to the left is a 3D printer. As predicted here more than half a year ago,...


Scattered thoughts on Weiner

1) One reason we keep talking about Anthony Weiner is because so many people keep complaining that we’re talking about Anthony Weiner. 2) The argument that people are “puritan” or “prudish” because we think...


Anthony Weiner, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and the Circus

Some of the reaction to the Weiner scandal is vaguely reminiscent of the reaction in France to the DSK scandal, though far less overtly disturbing. While the French had a “how dare they?” reaction...


We Could Start a Movement

“Having thought about this some more, I think that the best thing that we, as a society, can do in response is to send pictures of our junk to our congresspeople.” ~ Jaybird, on...


What the hell is going on?

It’s a good thing Andrew Breitbart showed up before Anthony Weiner to the New York Democrat’s press conference to warn the British with bells and, uh, ringing of the bells that Weiner was coming...

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