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Andrew Sullivan Is Mad Again

Andrew Sullivan is outraged that somebody else on the internet is making wildly offensive claims about entire groups of people.

Briefly, On Andrew Sullivan, Katie Roiphe, and Due Process

Although Andrew Sullivan and Katie Roiphe would never acknowledge it, maybe the Shitty Media Men list was created not as an affront to the concept of due process, but because due process has so often ended up protecting abusers rather than the abused.


Russell laments the demise of The New Republic.

Arizona on My Mind

Those of us in favor of same sex marriage have won. But how do we live with those who are the losers?

Against Knee-Jerk Realism

Bombing Syria is still a bad idea even if saving lives in Libya was not

Sullivan Goes off on Russia and Snowden

Regarding Russia’s decision to allow Edward Snowden to leave the airport, Andrew Sullivan lets loose a series of ridiculous statements.

America’s Back, Baby!

In the context of my other post on Sullivan I wanted to highlight something else he penned recently:

Sully’s Rosetinted View of Traditional Familial Norms

I am not anti-family values. I do not think that “what a family consists of” can be endlessly reconfigured without consequence. There are causes and effects, particular familial institutions and outcomes associated with them. But I...

Doping, Blade Running, and Wheelchair Basketball

Andrew Sullivan criticizes Jeremy Rozansky’s condemnation of steroid use by claiming that steroid use is perhaps less morally arbitrary than genetic inheritance of athletic ability. I agree with Sullivan that there is no question...

Barack Obama 2.0 = the Left’s Mitch McConnell

(Alternate Title: “Trolling the Republicans: Obama’s Elephant Gambit”) It’s 2013, just days before a presidential reinauguration. Do you know who your president is? The blogosphere contains myriad cottage industries inspired by Barack Obama’s supposed...

The South Hasn’t Risen Again

Andrew Sullivan has pulled out the Electoral College maps again to make a point about race, the Confederacy, and the Republican Party: [I]f Obama loses North Carolina, Virginia and Florida – which I suspect...

Stay classy, Andrew

Did you know that Sally Ride was a lesbian?  I didn’t either.  I learned it while driving in to work two days ago and listening to NPR: at the very end of their obit...

How Many Drone Deaths are we Cool With?

Taking a cue from Ryan, I’ll post my rant here so as not to disturbm the rest of the symposium. As per usual, nothing gets my heart rate up like a sloppy discussion of the...

In Which I Discuss Jonathan Franzen’s Remarks at Length

Speaking recently at the Hay Festival in Cartagena, Colombia, American novelist, Jonathan Franzen, attacked what he identifies as the impermanence of ebooks.  His following remarks are what Andrew Sullivan recently dismissed as “Wieseltierian piffle,”

Sullivan, Obama, and Elections

Let me get this out of the way first.  I like Andrew Sullivan, appreciate a lot of the work he produces, and can cite the Dish as an enormous triumph in blogging that is both...