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The Right Path, Part II: Nate Silver and the Delegitimisation of Traditional Journalism and Objective Data

“Data that contradicts the Ideology is a lie; institutions that publish such data are the enemy; those individuals who consider such data are heretics.”

On “Truth” and Its Consequences – Why We Need A New Business Model for 21st Century Journalism

On January 6, NPR’s This American Life aired an hour long and fairly damning segment on the working conditions of the Chinese manufacturing workers that build Apple products. To say the show got some attention would be an understatement. Within a few weeks it had become TAL’s most downloaded episode – quite an achievement for…

What the Iraq War Is and What it Isn’t

Let’s start with “isn’t” first: ________________________________________ It’s not a war just about spreading democracy. It’s not a war just about oil. It’s not a war just about stopping a brutal dictator who supposedly had weapons of mass destruction. It’s not a war of humanitarian intervention. It’s not a plot cooked up by some secret cabal…