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Endorsed: Other Options

Symposium: I advise you to consider what you are endorsing with your vote, be that for the election itself, or the Democratic Primary.

Nondenominational: The Lost Tribe of Evangelicals

The death of evangelicalism has been predicted ever since Nietzsche proclaimed that God is dead, yet the resiliency of the evangelical church surprises secular observers.

Let the People Gerrymander Themselves

Many of the arguments about gerrymandering now fall back on complex mathematical overlays to geography and the Civil Rights Act, but the Supreme Court justices remain bewildered and unimpressed. There is, however, a much more elegant and simple solution to the problem that allows for a far fairer representative system: eliminate the district lines altogether.

Legitimacy and the So-Called House Popular Vote

Much ink has been spilt since Donald Trump’s election regarding the legitimacy of the U.S. government system, the fortitude of the rule of law, and the viability of American democracy. What do the 2018 election results tell us about those big, scary issues?

Ordinary World for 22 Oct 2018

Your Ordinary World for Monday, 22 Oct 2018, with links pondering civility-or a lack there of-in the public discourse. Read, share, and discuss.

The Plague of the Acolytes

But now we have groups, not new just louder and more visible, that we should not be labelling with the traditional terms at all. If we do, I propose repurposing a very old term for this rising class of political beings: the acolytes.

Back to the Bad Old Days

The Trump administration attempts to change the game on management of public resources in the West.

Sixteen Tons

… and what do you get?

Omens for Ossof

It looks to me like there’s a trend here.

Obama — Farewell Address

I’m going to miss having a President who speaks to our ideals rather than our id.

Empiricism v. Principle

Smaller government can’t be the sine qua non of the politics of freedom in a Wagner’s Law world.