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Ordinary World

Your Ordinary World ft. links to stories on San Diego Synagogue shooting, Joe Biden, America’s narrative, taxing the rich, Trump 2020 and more.

Live from the J Street National Conference

by Max Socol Last weekend, more than 2400 activists converged on my current home of Washington, DC for a weekend of discussion, learning, and debate at J Street’s second national conference. At four days...

Two paths to resilience

Compare and contrast: Consumer culture leaves Americans better prepared for hard times. Meanwhile, older virtues help Ireland weather the recession.

As American as Passover

A few more idle thoughts on the preeminence of American Jewry: It’s not as if Jews haven’t played important roles in government before now – I once read that Charlemagne relied heavily on Jewish...

Your Friday evening brain teaser

This dialogue between David Frum and Jonah Goldberg has been getting some attention: Let’s bracket the “Is Obama a socialist?” question in favor of something a little less contentious. What, if anything, is the...

A Golden Age of American Poetry?

From the NYRBlog: In a country in which schools seem to teach less literature every year, where fewer people read books and ignorance reigns supreme regarding most issues, poetry is read and written more...

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Scott’s long and deeply-felt reflection on American gun culture is worth reading in full, and I certainly understand why an outsider would find our collective infatuation with things that go ‘boom’ baffling or even...


Via Reason, here’s an interesting article on Europe and the United States’ cultural and political commonalities. Worth keeping in mind amid all the talk of “Euro-socialism” and “Islamification.”