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Leave The Amazon Be

Developing the Amazon Rainforest is a bad idea even in economic terms.

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If Facebook Is The Problem, Is This The Solution?

I don’t think the idea of using anti-trust law to keep companies from monopolizing online sales is completely stupid. Not totally. Not 100%. But that is the last tool I would reach for, not the first.

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Don’t Fear the Robots

Impressive as the tech is, it is important to remember that the Boston Dynamics videos are trailers for a movie that isn’t yet made.

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Linky Friday: Adventures in Amazon

Linky Friday this weeks delves into the world of Amazon: HQ2 cancelled, NYC reacts, business, economics, Jeff Bezos, politics, unions & more

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Can Walmart Compete (in Streaming Video)?

Ordinary Times regular contributors Mark Krieger (@musepolisci) and Andrew Donaldson (@four4thefire) break down the news that Walmart is looking to launch their own streaming service, and fall on opposite sides when it comes to projecting the retail giants success.


An American Town Fueled by Amazon and Canadians

So if you are a small town in Washington state, how do you increase your population by 36% and your tax revenue two to five times that of other comparable sized municipalities? Economic magic? Nope; just be located close to the border and be thankful for Canadian Amazon shoppers flooding in for parcel pickup.

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Taxing in the Name Of: Seattle Head Tax Repealed

Back in May the Seattle City Council unanimously passed the “head tax” under the auspices of raising funds for the homeless. But in the face of opposition from Seattle’s largest businesses, and a certain legal challenge to the law itself, the council has reversed themselves.

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Taxing in the Name Of: Seattle “Head Tax” Approved

Dubbed the “Seattle head tax”, the measure was touted to raise funds, combat homelessness, and build affordable housing by instituting a per-employee tax on companies such as Starbucks and Amazon, among others.

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#IndependentBookstoreDay is upon. After a week in which Amazon, a main force is the decline of bookstores announced their quarterly profits, the independent-minded bibliophiles now have their day. Or at least, one day.

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Amazon More Than Doubles Quarterly Profits

We are going to need some new terminology for dominance in a business sector. Amazon, already the undisputed king of E-commerce, now commands 43 cents of every dollar spent online.

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Amazon Key: Next Big Thing or Bridge Too Far?

Proponents hail it as an innovative way to increase ease of delivery and security. Others are decrying yet another tech-based reach into our lives and personal property.


The Undignified Auction

How much should cities even want Amazon’s HQ2? What should be they be willing to pay and do?


Some Reminders

Stuff you shouldn’t forget to do. Even if you’re just a lurker.