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Richard Spencer’s Mask Falls Off

The tape is horrifying. But the tape should be listened to. Because I don’t want anyone to ever forget what these people stand for, what they really believe and who they really are.

The Grift Giveth, the Grift Taketh Away

Laura Loomer is the worst kind of grifter; an incompetent one, who in publicly complaining has let everyone in on the con, making it harder for her to run her game.

The Company We All Keep

The Nation of Islam is anti-semitic, conspiratorial and destructive but we should examine their impact with the same willingness to understand allocated to Trump voters and the alt-Right.

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

The move towards violent street fighting is a dangerous trend which should not be accommodated by polite political society.

Alt-Right Memes Go Mainstream

The Alt-Right has capably pushed its memes into the mainstream. Can it succeed when limited to its own platforms?

Is There an Alt Left?

Where I discuss the defining characteristics of an “alternative” political philosophy.

Radical Reading: The Doctrine of Fascism

Mussolini’s The Doctrine of Fascism and its relevance today.

The third in a series discussing radical books on the left or right.

@CathyYoung63: “Re Alt-Right…” 

(CK: Double Content Warning: Linked Post Contains Highly Controversial Views AND (See “Updates” Note) Misuses the Word “Compliment” (as of this writing))

Why Discuss Anti-Modernist and Anti-Democratic Literature?

If we are willing to admit that there are social and political problems that we do not yet seem to have solved, then an examination of other-than-democratist and other-than-modernist thought may not be merely interesting to a few, but useful for the many, or even necessary.