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The Internet Needs a Town Square

The tech industry has near-total control over what we can and cannot say online. The solution? The creation of an online public space where even extremists are permitted to share their views.

Alex Jones

The Pending Discovery of Alex Jones

There is still quite a bit of doubt that the lawsuit will be successful. Still, the fulcrum point of any civic action as to whether it is going anywhere or not is discovery, and having probing eyes into his operations is something Alex Jones cannot be happy about.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones and the Consequences of Free Speech

As vile as I find Jones to be, if his First Amendment rights were being violated I would defend him and his company. But that isn’t what is happening here.

The Cult of Alex Jones

Pretty great profile of the United States’ premier conspiracy-monger.

Glenn Beck and the Red Knight

“I told you about these people.  They only mate with their own kind.   It’s yuppie inbreeding.  That’s why they’re retarded and wear the same clothes.  They don’t feel love.  They only negotiate love moments. ...