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Songs about drinkin’.

Lessons From Bar Fight Litigation

By special request: Burt Likko reflects on a dozen or so not-particularly-glamorous cases from early in his career.


See that fellow over there? He’s running a half marathon. He’s probably in a world of pain. Possibly, though, he’s running laps around heaven itself. It’s 6:10AM, last Saturday. It helps that I’m a...

Wecommended Weeding

Will doesn’t quite agree with Matt Labash on medical marijuana: Labash seems to think that his subjects’ tenuous connection to the health care industry is some sort of blanket indictment of marijuana use, but...

The Tea Party’s Skin Deep Libertarianism

Jim Geraghty has a great article on the foibles of a movement candidate from Nevada, including one statement that sounds awfully close to an endorsement of prohibition: