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Pres Obama Saves US Taxpayers $5 Million

The Preezy of the United Steezy just sent an al-Qaeder responsible for the murder of 17 of our boys on the USS Cole to Jihad Puppy Heaven. Fahd al-Quso was hit by a missile...


The Morally Degenerate Sociopath’s Defense of Counter-Terrorism….

Fellow League blogger Ethan’s post about the Obama foreign policy dredges up perhaps the biggest tension point regarding Obama’s foreign policy: Counter-Terrorism policy. Somewhat coincidentally Administration Counter-Terrorism Adviser John Brennan gave a speech on...


A “Total Miscarriage of Justice”

Image via Wikipedia That’s how incoming House homeland security chair Pete King described the Ghailani trial. Ghailani (pictured) was, of course, found guilty on only one of the 285 charges brought against him, and...


Meet the People Who Wrecked Your Civil Liberties

They’re desperately incompetent morons with a taste for porn and bestiality. Yes, there’s propaganda value in showing the dumber side of al Qaeda. But we gave up habeas corpus for fear of them?


Quote for the Day

Marc Lynch, writing about the (non)coverage in the Arab press of the failed Detroit airplane bombing and its implications: The Arab media’s indifference to the story speaks to a vitally important trend. Al-Qaeda’s attempted...



I’ve been largely out of the loop for the last week, so there’s quite a bit to catch up on.  A quick word on the attempted terrorist attack on the airliner in Detroit–and then...


Quick Reax to Leaked Obama Afghan Plan

The news is out on what appears to be the Obama plan on Afghanistan.  It’s obviously quite provisional at this point, but it seems to line up with what I thought would be the...



Rod Dreher: On the other hand, it is also wrong to pretend that the Muslim religion had nothing to do with this massacre, that it is mere happenstance that this mass murderer’s crime was...


Reviewing Obama’s War: Part II

For Part I here. So I’m breaking my own rules in this second post (a little bit).  I said these posts would only be buitl around the interviews in this PBS documentary, but then...


Learning to Float in the War on Terror

Jamelle makes some persuasive points in this post on Afghanistan–arguing that the administration and its supporters have yet to make a solid case that the war is in the US interests.  As he says,...


Book Review: Benazir Bhutto’s Reconciliation

I realize I’m a little behind on this book (it came out last year), but my wife bought it for herself, started it and then put it down, and since Pakistan is one of...


The Pakistan is on the Brink Meme

Unfortunately the Obama administration has been falling for this one, putting pressure on the weak civilian government to initiate a massive heavy campaign in the Swat valley, leaving up to a million and a...