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I feel like this should be a bigger deal

From last week’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Meanwhile, previous AIG CEO Edward Liddy repeatedly said he was working “for $1 a year.” He asserted this on “60 Minutes” and in sworn congressional testimony, and was...


Economics Round-Up, or: Why We are All Screwed

I don’t know about anybody else, but this whole treasury/bailout/banking thing is just mind-numbing and overwhelming and I find myself in turns going from angry to confused to depressed to giggling and I’m just...


Geithner and AIG

I guess there’s only one guy to blame for the AIG bonuses, so next time Obama revs up the populist righteous indignation he knows who to direct it at…. 


us lacking political capacity

Clive Crook writing in The Financial Times: Political capacity is the real key, and here is where I would question the administration’s judgment. The prospects for Mr Obama’s agenda depend on his ability to...